Magdalene Project – Valentine’s Day

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Warehouse Magdalene Project 2017

We will be gearing up for the next Magdalene Project on Tuesday, February 14, 2017.

Last years Magdalene Project was a huge success, thanks to everyone who helped support with supplies, time, and passing out the gifts.  I have added some pictures from last year to enjoy.  It was a blessed time, and God was using us to share his love to women all over the Visalia area.  Please follow our Facebook page for updated information.

As always, our goal in this project is to show Jesus’ love to women with no strings attached. One way of doing this is to treat them as special as Jesus views them. We will be focusing on displaced women, homeless women, prostitutes, and the hopeless, rejected, abandoned. We would like to give them a gift bag, filled with lovely things, from Jesus, through us! We will be passing the bags out on Valentine’s Day on February 14, and we will be focusing on Visalia Area again this year. We hope to one day branch out to some surrounding cities.  Below is a possible bulletin blurb, a list of things we’d like to include in the gift bags, as well as a small explanation we will include in the gift bag.

Gift Bag Enclosure –

“Who was Mary Magdalene? One thing is certain – her early life must have been filled with inner pain. Then she met Jesus. He forgave her and accepted her. She was the one Jesus chose to be the first witness of His resurrection, a woman of questionable reputation. He called her by name…Mary Today Jesus is calling the names of many women, who are living lives of abandonment, rejection and hopelessness. If you are one of these women – Jesus LOVES you SO much!

Gift Bag Items – (150 each)

  • 2-oz sizes of lotion, soaps, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner
  • Hair tie, or comb, barrette
  • Pen, small notepad, or journal
  • Compact mirror
  • Single-boxed truffle or other fancy chocolate
  • Inspirational stone (example:, or any Christian bookstore web-site)
  • A small Valentine or Encouragement card, like a “pass it on” card, (available on– Christian resources, pass it on message cards, as an example)
  • Guardian angel or cross tack pin
  • Flower
  • .5-2 oz essential oil or perfume
  • Palm-size Bible


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